Maintenance and Repair

What constitutes an emergency?

Any incident at your house that you feel is a safety or health hazard, including.

  • Incidents involving significant water leaks (you see water dripping from the ceiling, coming through a light fixture, puddled on the floor, etc).
  • Electrical hazards involving sparking wires or burning smells.
  • Fallen trees or limbs that pose safety hazards or damage the house structure.
  • No heat in the middle of winter.
  • No AC in the middle of summer.

What to do in case of an emergency?

For fire or theft, call 911 immediately. Next, contact LPM and your insurance company.

In case of a maintenance emergency, call 757-504-2048 and follow the instructions. You will be given a phone number for the associate assigned to emergency duty. You should be able to talk to someone immediately or within a few minutes.

How do I put in a maintenance request?

See our document on Reporting Maintenance Issues and Emergencies

Who should I call if vendors don't show up as scheduled or if they don't do what I expect them to do?

If you were emailed a work order from LPM, call the person who is listed as the “Person in Charge” on the work order and report the problem with the vendor. You may also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the message center number, 757-504-2048.

How frequently should I change air filters? Water filters?

The answer really depends on the type you purchase. There are 30-day filters (usually the cheapest), 3-month filters, and special allergen filters that may last up to 12 months. Follow the directions on the filter instructions. There are some filters that can be washed and reused. There should be some indication on the filter itself. Some hard-to-find filter sizes may need to be cut from a filter “cloth”. We suggest you change the filters every 30 to 45 days for optimum performance.

Water filters should be changed when the indicator light comes on. If your refrigerator doesn’t have an indicator light, then every six months unless your filter instructions indicate otherwise.

Who maintains the yard and landscaping at my house?

Paragraph 12 of your lease states: “The Lessee shall … keep the landscaping (including mulch), trees, shrubs, and lawn in good condition and free from weeds and debris.” It is your responsibility to maintain the yard and landscaping in the same condition in which you received it. If you are unable to do the work yourself, it is your responsibility to hire someone. You may choose someone from our Preferred Vendors List. There are a few owners who pay to have landscaping maintained (weeding, mulching, pruning, etc.). We also have owners who pay for lawn treatments (fertilizer, weed killer, seeding & aerating). If lawn and/or landscape maintenance is included at your property, you would have been informed about this. Finally, if your landscaping includes unusual plants that require special attention (for instance pruning Japanese Maple trees), we may ask the owner to hire a professional.

I'm seeing bugs and spiders in or around my house. Who pays for pest treatment?

It is natural to find bugs outside and you should expect to see plenty in our area. If you notice bugs IN your house during the first 10 days of occupancy, contact us and LPM will order a “one-time” general pest spray. The pest spray comes with a 30-day guarantee and if you see bugs again within that time frame, call the vendor back for a repeat spray. After the initial 10 day period, tenants are responsible for handling bugs and spiders. Most pest companies in our area offer quarterly pest treatments. Note that most owners pay for and maintain a termite contract on their properties but this is separate from general pest control.

How often should I clean my gutters?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on how the gutters are designed and how many trees surround the property. The best way to know if your gutters need to be cleaned is to notice how water is draining from the vertical downspouts connected to the gutters. If it is raining and you notice that no water is discharging at the bottom of the downspout, you can bet that either your gutter or your downspout is clogged. You may also notice water cascading over the top of the gutter instead of discharging from the bottom of the downspout. This is another indication that gutters and/or downspouts need attention. If you cannot or do not want to clean out the gutters yourself, feel free to contact a vendor from the Preferred Vendors list.

I have tall ceilings and can't reach the light bulb to change it. Do you have someone that can help me change it?

We do not employ any “on staff” maintenance workers. You may contact a handyman from the Preferred Vendors list to help you. Please be sure to let them know that you are a tenant with Lee Property Management.

Can I call someone not on the Preferred Vendors List?

We strongly recommend that you use our Preferred Vendors since we can rely on their quality. However, we would allow other vendors as long as you take responsibility for the quality of their work. You must use our Preferred Vendors for house cleaning and carpet cleaning prior to checking out of the house at the end of your tenancy.

What if it becomes necessary to change the locks?

You must contact LPM in advance and get approval prior to changing locks. You must use one of our preferred locksmiths and you must provide our office with a new key.

What do I do if I get locked out?

Contact the emergency line at 757-504-2048 (option #2) and then call the person who is on call at the time. We will send someone out to unlock your door. If we have to provide lock service several times, you may be charged a fee.

Can I paint a room a different color?

All changes to the property must be approved in advance. It is best to email a change request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In general, if a tenant takes a non-neutral wall and paints it neutral AND they get the neutral color approved, they don't have to repaint at the end of their tenancy. If a tenant paints a non-neutral wall to another non-neutral color, they are not obligated to repaint. If a tenant changes a neutral wall to a non-neutral color, they are required to repaint at the end of the tenancy.

Can I make changes to landscaping?

All changes to the property must be approved in advance. If we feel that your proposed change adds value to the property (for instance a stone patio) or makes the landscaping more functional (corrects a drainage issue) or attractive (removing old shrubs and adding new plants), we will likely approve the change and may even offer to pay for materials.

Do you need vendor reports (termite inspection reports), lawn care slips (e.g. Spring green Truegreen) or other receipts when they are left at the house?

Yes, we need them for a record of what was done and when. Please bring them to the office in person, mail them, fax them (480-393-4327) or scan and email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Lease Questions

What options do I have for paying my rent?

Please review our document describing your payment options.

What if my rent is late?

Rent payments will be considered “past due” if payment has not been received by the fifth (5th) of the month. Late fees of twenty dollars ($20.00) per day may be assessed beginning the sixth (6th) day of the month.

Call our office at 757-265-1525 if you have a question or if a situation arises preventing you from paying your rent on time. We understand that bad things happen from time to time and we will work with you as best we can.

What should I do with mail for previous tenants or the owner?

Please mark “no longer at this address” and put it in the mailbox for pick-up. For Fed-Ex and UPS, contact carrier to inform them the people have moved. They can return the package for an address correction.

Can I get a puppy for the children?

No. We have rules and policies regarding pets including restrictions on type, breed, size, and age. The policies may vary from property to property. If you are considering a pet, you must contact Carol Miller, owner of LPM, for approval PRIOR to selecting an animal. We charge a refundable deposit of $250 per pet.

Do I have to change my lease if the composition of my family changes?

Not necessarily. Minor children are not identified on the lease. However, adults who contribute to the rent must be noted on the lease.

Can I get a roommate?

Any adult contributing to rent must be noted on the lease. Contact the office to discuss (757-265-1525).

If I move out earlier than my notice, do I save any rent?

You are required to provide 60 days notice if you are not planning to renew your lease. You are financially obligated for those 60 days unless we find a new tenant to move in early.

What if I can't give full 60 days notice?

You are required to provide 60 days notice if you are not planning to renew your lease. You are financially obligated for those 60 days unless we find a new tenant to move in early. Give us as much notice as you can. We will make every effort to work with you and your lease requirements. Our primary goal is to get the property rented and occupied as soon as possible.

I have to move before my lease expires. I have a friend who would like to move in and take over my lease. Is this possible?

If your friend has good credit and is financially qualified, we would be happy to work with him/her. They would be required to sign a new lease and once that is done, you would be released from any further obligation for the property.