Why Rent Your Home?

Perhaps it’s not the right time to sell.

Market conditions may make selling an unappealing proposition. If you stand to lose money on your sale or can’t afford months of vacancy, leasing is an attractive alternative to selling.

You’re leaving the area but might return.

Leasing your home will give you the flexibility to return to the area later on.

Cash flow and investment.

Your home is an investment that can provide cash flow, tax benefits, equity to borrow against, and a handsome return when sold in the future.


Why Professional Management?

Being a landlord, especially an “out of town” landlord can be a scary proposition for many people. Advertising, showing, Saturday night maintenance emergencies, late rent, etc. can easily become overwhelming. Worries about how tenants care for your property can easily cause sleepless nights.

The right property manager can take away all the headaches involved in renting your house.

Lee Property Management has many years of experience keeping homes safe for returning owners as well as turning homes into secure, income generating investments.


We're Your Partner

Whether you're a tenant or an owner, our goal is to ensure your property is maintained to the highest standards of your community and to provide the service and support you want and deserve.

We're Selective

LPM specializes in upscale single-family homes on the Peninsula. The vast majority of these homes are in covenant-protected communities. If you are the owner of a property managed by LPM, you can be assured that we’ll find a well-qualified tenant and ensure that they take excellent care of your property. If you are a tenant, you know that a home managed by LPM will be provided and maintained in the best possible condition.

We're Experienced

LPM has been serving selective clients like YOU for over 25 years.  Our experienced staff knows how to turn your renting experience into one that is easy, affordable, and profitable.

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