Tenant Support
Check Out List
Download our current Check Out List.
Tenant FAQs
What constitutes an emergency?

Any incident at your house that you feel is a safety or health hazard, including.

  • Incidents involving significant water leaks (you see water dripping from the ceiling, coming through a light fixture, puddled on the floor, etc).
  • Electrical hazards involving sparking wires or burning smells.
  • Fallen trees or limbs that pose safety hazards or damage the house structure.
  • No heat in the middle of winter.
  • No AC in the middle of summer.
Lease Questions
What options do I have for paying my rent?

Please review our document describing your payment options.

What if my rent is late?

Rent payments will be considered “past due” if payment has not been received by the fifth (5th) of the month. Late fees of twenty dollars ($20.00) per day may be assessed beginning the sixth (6th) day of the month.

Call our office at 757-265-1525 if you have a question or if a situation arises preventing you from paying your rent on time. We understand that bad things happen from time to time and we will work with you as best we can.

Tenant Responsibilities


It is our expectation that you will have your carpets cleaned annually. This can be done by hiring a professional, or simply by using a personal steam cleaner and doing it yourself. Upon check out of your home, we require you to have your carpets professionally cleaned. You will need to provide a receipt or invoice showing that this has been done


We anticipate reasonable wear and tear on the walls and trim. However, when it goes beyond that, you are responsible for bringing it back up to standard. It should also be noted that you are required to fill in any holes that you created while leasing the property.

Water Filters

If your refrigerator is equipped with a water filter, we have provided you with a new filter at check in. Typically, filters need to be changed every 6 months. You are responsible for providing a new water filter when you vacate. You do not need to install the filter, just leave it on the kitchen counter for the next tenant.

Air Filters

It is imperative that you change out your air filters. This should be done every 30-90 days, depending on which type of filter you purchase. Failure to do so may cause serious damage to the HVAC system. You will be responsible for any damage to the system if it is caused by dirty air filters. Clean air filters will also help to keep indoor air clean, reduce dust, pollen and other allergens, and reduce overall energy costs.

Light Bulbs

We have given you a house with working light bulbs in every fixture and expect to receive it back in the same fashion. We ask that if you have light fixtures with exposed light bulbs, that you keep matching light bulbs in that fixture. Typically these light bulbs are round and clear, and are most often seen in a bathroom above the vanity.


It is our expectation that you will maintain the exterior of your home in “as received” condition. This should include mulching, pruning shrubs, mowing, weeding, watering, and keeping the gutters on the house free of debris. We have included a list of our Preferred Vendors in this binder. Should you need assistance with these tasks, please don’t hesitate to give one of them a call. Their rates are reasonable and they do quality work.


Unless the lease states otherwise, tenants are responsible for regularly cleaning out gutters of leaves, sticks and other debris. If gutters become clogged with leaves, water can back up under the shingles on the roof and cause leaks and serious damage. In addition, water can become trapped behind gutters and rot the wood that the gutters are attached to, thus causing expensive repairs for the homeowner. Should you need assistance with this task, please don’t hesitate to call one of the handymen on our preferred vendors list.